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    1. Helen

      I love the fabric it is so smooth. Very large mask so I don’t see any light coming from the sides or the nose. I can adjust the strap and never feel it too tight. I have used this for several months now and it is still very solid.

    2. Janet

      I am extremely pleased with this mask. Unlike others, it is thin – not bulky – and wonderfully soft on the face. Also it is extra large in size which means total blackout. Although more expensive than others…….. you get what you pay for. I will order another one.

    3. Carly

      I am so happy with this mask. It s the best I ve ever tried plus great service..

    4. Victoria

      Very happy with my eye mask, easy to adjust, comfortable and blocks the light out! Thank you

    5. Hodson

      It effectively blocks out light without covering a huge part of your face, feels silky and smooth. Excellent quality.

    6. Candice

      This mask works perfectly. It does well at blocking most of the light. It’s comfortable and adjustable.

    7. Rivera

      Easy to adjust. The material feels wonderful, it blocks the light, and it’s very comfortable. I’d buy this again.

    8. Lewis

      Can’t wait to use this mask for travel as well. It’s extremely lightweight so it doesn’t feel like there is anything on your face. Its really amazing.

    9. Connor

      My wife absolutely loves this mask.This mask is so lightweight and non-constrictive that my wife doesn’t try to remove it. She absolutely loves this mask.

    10. Cecilia

      I can’t sleep without it. I love it. I have bought one for my husband. He loves it too.

    11. Liz

      It’s comfortable even on my side, It’s like a second skin. I would definitely recommend.

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